S0102L Amelie Pointe

S0102L Amelie Pointe


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The Amelie Soft is an introductory pointe shoe, designed especially for dancers with less developed muscles in the feet and legs, who might be new to pointe work. The shoe is flexible and caters to a variety of foot shapes. The medium-sized graded shank allows the foot to roll up onto pointe with ease and emphasises the line of the instep, while the angled platform stabilizes the foot. The gently curved sides of the box encourage the foot into correct alignment when en pointe. Elastic drawstring draws the shoe around foot. Slightly V shaped vamp and shallow box (which gently curves at the sides) support the toes laterally and keep the foot in correct alignment. Noise reduction under the pleats. The combination of these features makes the Amelie styles suitable for a variety of foot shapes, designed especially for the beginner or elementary level dancer who requires a flexible shoe.

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