S0172L Eurostretch Pointe


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Innovative stretch fabric is like a second skin, giving a superior connection between shoe and foot which allows maximum articulation. Designed using the Patented European Balance-type last, giving ultimate support and function. Deep vamp and wide box give additional support. Unique Stretch Satin adheres to the foot like a second skin. Split outsole design allows maximum stretch at the arch as the dancer moves from flat to pointe — never compromising the streamlined fit against the foot. A Paste, a firmer pasting method, has been incorporated to withstand heat and humidity. High and wide platform gives superior balance and stability, and encourages easy weight distribution while en -pointe. Low profile with elastic draw cord gives a streamlined fit. Leather heel grip stops the shoe slipping when moving between flat and en pointe, ensuring a non-slip fit. Cotton insert designed for easy ribbon and elastic stitching. Noise reduction under the pleats. Removable internal gel toe cushions . Elastic drawstring.

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