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Locally owned and operated, Dancer’s Closet IS the perfect destination for every dancer! We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and in providing you a staff that is comprised of current and former dancers who understand your needs. We make every effort to bring you the most fashionable dance trends and the tried-and-true basics that every dancer needs! Our stores are clean and well organized for easy accessibility to merchandise. We keep a collection of clothing, shoes and accessories that includes a large assortment of fashion and basic leotards, skirts, shorts, sports bras, leggings, pants and more including yoga and fitness apparel! And…we have you covered when it comes to shoes – our stock includes several available styles in jazz, ballet, tap, modern, character/ballroom, hip hop/dance fitness sneakers, and pointe.


We work directly with local studios, dance teams, and school dance programs, so please contact us for more information, we’d love to have you on board!


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Pointe Shoe Fitting Appointments
*Appointments are required for proper fittings!
We want to give you the best possible experience and get your pointe students in the appropriate shoes! To allow for ample time and attention, please call or email today to set up an appointment!

We Provide:
*Excellent fitting by our knowledgeable experts.
*Added incentive of our POINTE SHOE CLUB:
Buy 5 pair, get your 6th pair HALF OFF!
We keep track of everything!
*1st pair with us? You get 10% off your purchase of:
Pointe Shoes/Ribbons & Elastic/Toe Pads!
**1st time pair/fitting only.**

We offer Pointe Shoe Fittings at:
Westlake: 512.327.0200 or westlake@dancersclosetaustin.com
Round Rock: 512.828.0800 or roundrock@dancersclosetaustin.com